Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Four-Course Meal for 2 At Red Lobster for under $20!

 Ok let me gain my composure first and wipe up my drool!

Right now Red Lobster is offering a coupon 
for $10 off 2 adult entrees.

Visit their Facebook Page to request your coupon.

What makes this coupon even more wonderful then just its high value is this...

They have their four-course meal deal going on right now 
for only $14.99.

That means you can buy 2, use your $10 off coupon and walk out paying under $20.

If you have eaten at Red Lobster before you know 
that this deal is AMAZING. You are lucky to walk out of that place with a bill under $50 for 2 people most times.

AM and I have "Date Night"  every Tuesday, but lately we have been staying home to save. I am super excited to get out tonight, enjoy delicious Red Lobster, Spend "alone time" with AM
 and stay in our budget. 

Go HERE to find a location near you.

See ya there!