Saturday, June 30, 2012

Stay-Cation 2012 #1 - Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls 
This here my friends was the first stop on our Stay-Cation 2012.

It was our first time here and I had
 NO IDEA what amazing beauty
 has been only a short drive away from me.
 Seeee this is why I am so excited about this summer.

The falls were simply amazing! What more can I say?
I would definitely recommend visiting here is you are in the area. They have a restaurant, gift shop, concession stand & restrooms in the main area. I would suggest bringing your own lunch or snack with you as the prices are a little steep. There are plenty of tables and chairs outside for you to sit at.

Let me tell you there is way more to see then just this one fall.
 That's what I loved! 
We were able to stop and see other falls, parks, rivers, campgrounds ect.

We found this awesome park right next to a fall. 
They had tables and BBQ's right along the stream. It was so peaceful and nice. 
We actually contemplated going and finding a store to get charcoal and food and coming back. But Mom left her coupons at home (shame on me). We decided against it so we could stay in our budget.

 Wanna know the icing on the cake though?
They have a CAMPGROUND!!!
( Adding this to our summers camp ground line up for sure)

Where have I been my whole life?
obviously not HERE

 P.S - You can bring your 4-legged friend along too!!!

Friday, June 29, 2012

~Our 2012 Summer Stay-Cation~

 What in the world is a Stay-cation you might ask?

Compliments of Wikipedia here you go ---->

Staycation : Staycation is a period in which an individual or family 
stays and relaxes at home, possibly taking day trips to area attractions.

That is EXACTLY what this crazy little family will be doing this Summer.
I am actually pretty excited to explore our area, my boys not so much. 

Here is the reason behind our decision to have a stay-cation:

Last summer I surprisingly won tickets for my son and a friend to attend the Lebron James King's Academy Basketball Camp 
in San Diego, California. 
(I will explain this more in a separate post another time)

This is my Son's idol so needless to say we made it happen 
and planned a trip from Portland to San Diego in a week.
He spent 5 days in his heaven (Lebron James) and
 Mommy spent 5 days her Heaven
 (the pure amazing ocean air of San Diego). 
I'm telling you it was ♥ at first sight!

Our plan was to return this summer  
so Mommy could return to her oasis
 so Mr.NBA could attend camp again. 
Then we got the news...
Lebron was heading to the Olympics 
and camp would not be happening. 
I was heartbroken at first, ok STILL. 
But hey I look at the bright side of it. 
I have a whole extra year to make next years trip even more SPECTACULAR. 

Stay-Cation this year IT IS!!!

Be on the look out for the fun adventures
 we find to get into this summer around home.

Any suggestions on things for us to check out in the Portland/Vancouver area???

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♥ Free Trips To The Mall

 Let me tell you being on a STRICT budget kinda sucks. I know I will be happy next year when I get the payoff of debts being paid and our planned vacation, but right now I don't like it so much. (Rant Over)


Being the shopaholic I am I of course will find a way to make a mall visit happen. :)

And that is exactly what I did...MADE IT HAPPEN!

I already had to go to the mall regardless to do a return. A return I have been putting off for a few weeks in hopes I would find a way to score some free swag while there. I didn't want to go to the mall, see a million must haves and not be able to leave with just one small item for the sake of pure gratification. Come on ladies! I know you can feel me on this one.

The perfect solution showed up in the mail this week, 
JcPenney Rewards.


So off to the Mall I headed...

Then BAM I seem to hit another major roadblock. By ACCIDENT two Teenage Monkey Boys somehow made it into my car with me. What was I THINKING? Had I not been so excited about my finds, this trip would have been the end of me. EEk! I am beginning to question my theory on how bad girls really are. ANYHOW...

Look what I scored for FREE!!!

I also was able to get a REALLY Cute shirt for the 4th of July for FREE too. Yay!

Savings of: $55.00

How do you like JcPenney's new pricing strategy?
Do you shop there more or less since the change?
I REALLLY miss their coupons :-(

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Free Sample Of Aveda's Invati Shampoo & Conditioner

Head over and print THIS  Coupon then bring it to your nearest Aveda location for your free sample. 

 I definitely want to try this if there is the slightest possibility my thinning hair will look like the below picture after ~~~~>
 (A girl can DREAM right?)

Heads up:
I have learned over the years it is always better to call ahead to make sure they are participating and they still have stock.

Good through 7/31

Only valid at participating Aveda stores and salons.

Find a Location Near You

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Behind The Scenes- Take 1

I will try to make this a short sweet introduction with a few fun facts from
behind the scenes of this place:

  • I am a 28 year old Stay at Home Mom.
  • I am able to be a SAHM because I learned to LIVE FRUGAL.
  • I have a 12 year old Son. (Known around this blog as Mr.NBA)
  • I have been married to my AM (Amazing Man) for 9 years.
  • We have a 1 year old Puggle named Bronx.
  • We have a 2 year old Bunny named KiKi.
  • My Son has Renal Disease. :(
  • I am a Student
  • I believe fully in Paying it Forward.
  • I have Won a Car!! 
  • My Son was able to spend 5 days with his Idol LEBRON JAMES!
  • We live in Suburbia.
  • I have a Garden in my Backyard.
  • I finally obtained enough free/cheap items that my AM gave me my very own Stockpiling Room in the house. (True ♥ that is! :)
  • I have had very severe social anxiety since I was a child and I am tired of living in a closet.
  • My Father passed away 3 months ago.
  • That Single Event has Changed my Life.
  • This blog will be proof of that Change Happening.
  • I really REALLY do hope you choose to join me on this adventure.  
I know I said Fun Facts and a few of those facts were not so fun. But hey they have alot to do with this blog coming together
 so I felt it appropriate to ad them.

Patience is a Virtue

Or so they say.........

I have just found yet another reason why I give up on blogging. I honestly have no idea what I am doing.

Html blah!

 I love blogging not so much the organization factor of this all. But this is where I want to be and I will be patient this time. I finished last term of school with all A's so I have a little faith I can figure a few things out.

Maybe this would help?

Or maybe I can find my MoJo by reading this...

Anyhow please keep faith that whatever method I do choose,
I will eventually get this blog in working readable order.

What Will I Find Here?

What Will You Find Here???

I forgot some specifics while writing my Welcome post. Which may have left you asking or wondering what crazy things you may see around here. 

Well...  one of the many conclusions I came to while doing my soul searching about blogging was I can't be tied down to one subject. I am way to random of a person for that.
So you may really find it all here...
But I will give you a few solid subjects you can plan to see:

  • My Many Ways Of Living Frugal
  • Coupons  ( Yes I am crazy obsessed with coupons)
  • Store Deals 
  • GIVEAWAYS ( Yes I am yelling! Yes I'm excited! This was probably my favorite part of blogging in the past. I had a giveaway a day last December and it was such a blast! I hope to do it bigger and better this year)
  • Stockpiling
  • Ideas for living on a budget
  • Sustainable living ( I'm on a home-made kick so watch for great at home ideas)
  • Gardening (We planted our first garden this year and I'm so excited)
  • Kids ( I have a pre-teen need I say more? This is your warning you will probably hear alot of rants about him in the near future.)
  • Family (  I ♥ mine and all it's dysfunction)
  • Cooking
  • Cupcakes (  I so beyond ♥♥♥ everything about Cupcakes!!!) FYI: I actually forgot to ad cupcakes to this list. Of course I had to come back to edit. This would not be MY blog if I didn't give Cupcakes their own special place. :)
  • Interior Design Projects
  • Crafts 
  • And Whatever Positive Thought I Can Pass On To Help Another Realize Life is Sooo Worth Living!!!


Welcome all to the place I plan to officially call home. I have been here and done this before (blogging). What I couldn't seem to figure out though is why I never stuck to it when it is something I really ENJOY doing. And I think after a few months off and a few big life changes I get it. 

Over the years I have blogged at the discretion of others and not my own. Now DON'T get me wrong, I want you all to completely love your time here. What I don't want to happen anymore is that I limit what I post because I don't feel "EVERYONE" will be engaged or "like" what I am posting. Yes, I'm one of those who tries to please them all and I'm slowly realizing that is not always healthy. I want to be OK with just being ME for once.

So I'm here to try this again and share my crazy life and ideas with you all with no criteria.  All I hope for is that you will find at least one bit of good advice from your time spent here and I will have the pleasure of meeting some amazing people along the way.

 This is my only warning to you: I will not always have the best grammar, I will mis-spell words at times and my life is really not all that normal (but really whose is?).

 So with all the being said...
Please join this adventure with me?
Pretty please??
Ok pretty pretty please with a cherry on top???